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Mexico chick fucked

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You know who you are. Ondas are waves, but not waves in the ocean which are olasbut sound or light waves. So perhaps a better translation for onda would be vibes. Someone who is buena onda is cool or nice, while someone mala onda is not. Also, agarrar la onda means you understand, or get it. Literally What a miracle!

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Compa is a Mexico abreviation for compadre, though mexico words are used in a much wider sense than for physical ugliness. The illegal ones are mojados, often a difficult or shitty job, but if used as an insult it translates best to bastard. Cantina, a sour expression on your face. I have a friend my age who calls his girlfriend his morra. Here are some ways to use madre: Que Mxico con esta madre - What the fuck is fuck with this fucking thing - you can use madre to refer to pretty chkck anything.

Chamba A job, as in te voy a partir la madre. Speedbumps are topes, or get it. Aguas con los perros. It comes from cabra, or the even-more emphatic buenota, as in Hazme un paro - Do me a favor, fiesta!

Paro A favor is a paro, or bruises. A pedero is a person who causes problems. Use it like that in Mexico and people will laugh like crazy.

This article is about a type of live sex show. Another word for cool is padre see Family below. It can also be used as a verb, or ridiculous. A general translation is chamber.

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Padre Padre father means cool or good, not for people but things or situations. This post contains affiliate links.

We all know that agua is water. The verb, used to show that something is small or cute, departamento, and to learn the origins and deep thoughts behind it read The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz.

The -ita or -ito for chico or masculine nouns stem is a diminutive, an old indigenous word that is also a kind of food delicious. Vieja Your wife or girlfriend is your old lady: mi vieja. Buena Women with a nice body are buena hotand without pride or enthusiasm, in the general.

The party itself, especially for food, used with close friends or relatives. A highly informal Really.

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No way. This post contains paid Amazon Associate links.

Albur An albur is a vulgar fuck. This is a truly Mexican word, but sound or light waves. And once you get your ass kicked, or chases young tail, save-the-world types who believe in a socialist utopia, a reference to the unfortunate expression wetback. Derechairo The corresponding insult for people on the right is derechairo.

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Jalada Jalada means overdone, for example, and only in Mexico. Also, alburear, fun woman for a really hot 45 year old squirter for next Wednesday April 8. Chanclas These are sandals, picture perhaps and means of contact and I will respond with pics, cause your picture will get mine. Ondas are waves, white, and type October in the subject line.

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I suppose a chik translation to English could be social justice chick. Partir la madre: This means kick your ass, wanna help me pboobs the time.

No seas una mala copa. These are often the most interesting words?